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Q2 2019 Market Comment

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Thu 06 Jun 2019

Q2 2019 Market Comment


The housing market has been holding its breath and going blue in the face waiting for Brexit (not to mention stamp duty, relaxing mortgage criteria etc. etc!). At the time I’m writing this, its been announced that we’re applying for an extension, not what anyone wants, especially the property market!

So where does that leave us now? Well for lettings, which is our area of expertise, we have seen much less disruption than our counterparts in sales. That’s not to say it’s been smooth sailing but there is a clear marked increase in people selling their house and wanting to go into rented accommodation while they see what the market does. It’s a neutral period where capital values aren’t rising so people can afford to step off the ladder briefly. This is a busy sector up to £3000 pcm. Above that price we are seeing oil and pharmaceutical companies still relocating employees. Both these markets should really kick into life after Easter. The question is whether that continues on beyond and into June, July and August. Always the very best advice is to be prepared, be on the market at the earliest point for this season, with a good quality property and at a competitive price.

We are consistently letting the best quality homes in Surrey against the competition and in the face of a challenging market. That’s because we are experienced, agile and motivated. We love to talk property so why not call or pop in for a chat.